Aseptic Fill & Finish


Whether you are looking to move a product candidate into the pre-clinical setting, clinicial setting or into the market, Althea has the experience and capability to get you there.  We have filled over 1,500 cGMP finished product lots for our clients, and are able to provide a reliable supply of finished product in vials or prefilled syringes for every stage of development and commercialization.  We have a tremendous level of expertise working with complex formulations, including liposomes & nanoparticlees, conjugates, and adjuvants.  If a formulation or modification to an existing formulation is needed, our formulation group will tailor the development to the specific needs of your molecule, ensuring delivery of a stable and high quality product to the patient.  If your molecule requires the added stability of lyophilization, we can optimize the lyophilization cycles as needed and then lyophilize the product in our cGMP facility.

We understand that each product has its own specific set of manufacturing needs and that supply chains can be delicate juggling act when tying together timelines across multiple service providers in pursuit of accelerating development time through the clinic.  As one of the few fully-integrated development and manufacturing service providers in the industry, many of the steps in your supply chain from drug substance to final product can be consolidated when you partner with Althea to reduce the time, cost, risk of moving product across multiple service providers.

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Case Study

Aseptic formulation and fill using static mixers. Plasmid DNA or other API is formulated into non-filterable complex using sterile static mixer. Formulated product is filled and lyophilized.



Biologics Manufacturing

Forget about shipping valuable API from facility to facility and qualifying additional vendors.  At Althea, after producing and formulating your API, we can readily fill your clinical or commercial drug product into vials or syringes.  This means less product transfer, less cost, less time. 
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Protein Analytics/
Stability Testing

At Althea, you have a leading analytical laboratory working with your product every step of the way, through development and production.  This means more efficient product understanding and the ability to tune your process as your product advances.  Learn More