Biologics Manufacturing

Corynex Protein Expression System

Having trouble expressing and purifying a particularly difficult protein? Consider Corynex®.

Corynex® is a patented system which uses the gram-positive Corynebacterium glutamicum bacterium to express folded and active proteins directly into the media, thus reducing purification steps, lowering costs, and increasing yield.

The Corynex® system has the advantage of a scalable, high cell-density fermentation process that can be used to manufacture commercially valuable proteins. With Corynex®, we've perfected a protein expression system that can reduce your production costs and ultimately speed time-to-market - by greatly simplifying the entire purification process. At Ajinomoto Althea we can develop the process as well as scale and manufacture your product in a cGMP environment.

Corynex® provides our pharmaceutical and biotech partners with a proven and efficient means of rapidly expressing and commercializing peptides and protein biologicals.

    • Able to express difficult-to-secrete and complex proteins
    • No need for cell disruption
    • No need for refolding
    • High initial purity - no endotoxin production
    • No protease degradation
    • Increased yield - less loss from purification 


An on demand webcast of our Director of Biologics, Dr. Kristin DeFife, discussing challenges associated with recombinant protein production using E.Coli, and presenting Corynex® as a solution to many of these problems can be viewed here: