High Concentration and Sustained Release Formulations

Our team has the expertise and capability in place to work on alternate formulation processes that can be handed off to the manufacturing team for scale-up.  Since technology transfer and scale-up work can be performed under the same roof, Althea can be your timely and cost-effective solution for your drug development needs.

Protein Formulation Technology - Crystalomics™

Althea’s protein formulation technology platform, Crystalomics™, utilizes protein crystallization and complexation technology for the development of sustained release and high concentration formulations.  The technology has already been proven in clinical trials through Phase II with a crystalline suspension of recombinant human growth hormone, while manufacturability has also been demonstrated by the well-established, cGMP manufacturing process at Althea.




Biologics Manufacturing

Every biologic requires a stable formulation prior to downstream manufacturing.  Every biologic needs a custom formulation after purification to ensure stable API.  Formulations at Althea can be readily applied in our cGMP facility, rather than transferring the process to another service provider.  Learn More

Protein Analytics /
Stability Testing

With protein analytics tied to the formulations group, you can be sure that every piece of analytical capability is there to support your formulation without the need to ship samples to a third party. 
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Aseptic Fill & Finish

Forget about shipping your valuable API from facility to facility for each step of the manufacturing program.  Once your API has been formulated, it can be readily filled into vials or syringes for clinical or commercial use.  This means less product transfer, less cost, less time.  Learn More