Project Management & Client Services

Althea values the long-term partnerships that develop from working side by side with our clients. We believe that communication is the foundation of such relationships.  Therefore, Althea has a Project Management Organization and Client Services team that are dedicated to providing excellent service to our clients.  When a client requests for a quote to be issued, our Client Services group assembles a formal proposal to present to the client for review and discussion.  Once the proposal is fully executed, Althea will assign a Project Manager (PM) who will be the single point-of-contact for all project related communication throughout the project.  The PM will begin each client project with a kick-off meeting to review the project scope and address any questions or concerns.  The PM will then construct a project gantt chart to detail timelines and effectively manage the project through its lifecycle.  PMs also schedule weekly conference calls with our clients, and make sure that necessary documents are presented to the client at appropriate stages of the project.   Person in Plant visits are also hosted by our PMs upon client request.  At the end of a project, the PM will host a wrap-up meeting to discuss lessons learned and obtain feedback on how to better serve the clients’ needs the next time around.

Not only is Althea’s key focus during the project to provide personalized attention to the client, but also to provide customized solutions to hurdles that arise during the road to commercialization.  Learn how Althea can be your strategic partner of choice and drive value to your drug development program with our dedicated project management team.


Biologics Manufacturing

Biologics Manufacturing

While the experience of Althea’s Biologics Manufacturing group assures that your bulk drug substance will be successfully produced in the most efficient way possible, the integration of the downstream manufacturing steps means that you have just one partner to work with and manage logistics of product and communication.  This all reduces the time, cost, and risk of drug development.  Learn More

Protein Analytics

Protein Analytics /
Stability Testing

Any development program must have the appropriate analytical methods in place to ensure the integrity of the protein through production.  Having biologic manufacturing and analytical development working hand-in-hand and at a single partner will greatly shorten the time required to produce cGMP product.
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Aseptic Fill and Finish

Aseptic Fill
& Finish

Forget about shipping valuable API from facility to facility and qualifying additional vendors.  At Althea, after producing and formulating your API, we can fill your clinical or commercial drug product into vials or syringes.  This enables us to release your batches much sooner that you would can expect after shipping material across multiple service providers.  Learn More